Episode 143 – Michael Boggs Worlds Special

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On our agenda:

  • We sat down at Worlds 2017 with Android: Netrunner lead designer and developer, Michael Boggs, to talk all things Worlds and the future of Netrunner.
  • We got Michael’s Worlds predictions – see how accurate he was at predicting the meta.
  • Michael talked us through the removed and restricted list; is he happy with how it’s functioning, what changes does he anticipate, which cards was he a little more tentative about including, and would could be in the gun post-Worlds.
  • Apologies for the slight audio glitches on this one, we were recording in person and there was an intermittent noise that had to be edited out lest it blow your eardrums (thanks Radisson), so there are some sharp cutouts of audio semi-regularly throughout the episode.

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Episode 143 – Michael Boggs Worlds Special

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