Episode 144 – Testing for Worlds and Future of the MWL

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On our agenda:

  • Wilfy and Jesse chat about the Team TWA Worlds 2017 testing process, starting from the beginning and going all the way through to the end – the main event.
  • How should you decide what decks to put in your gauntlet?  How many people do you need in your testing group?  How do you develop your gauntlet as your testing progresses?
  • The panel talks about the MWL, evaluating how each removed and restricted card went at Worlds, and what changes might be made in the future.
  • We are asking all of our wonderful listeners to send in their favourite TWA moment, TWA episode, thing about TWA, thing that you miss or thing that you’ve glad we’ve changed, for our 150th episode extravaganza.  We’ll be having lots of special guests and planning a fun trip down memory lane, and we want you to get involved! You can send your entries by email, tweet, Facebook message or carrier pigeon!

As always get in touch

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Twitter: @winningagenda

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Episode 144 – Testing for Worlds and Future of the MWL

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