Episode 142 – Genesis w/Andre Nilsson

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On our agenda:

  • Jesse and Wilfy are joined by Andre Nilsson, 2017 Malaysian National Champion and 2016 Worlds Top 16 Competitor, to talk about CI, Hayley, and Wilfy’s 2017 World Champion decks.
  • Wilfy and Andre go super deep on the World Champion Hayley list, analysing card choices, avenues of play and tips for getting the most out of the deck.
  • Andre discusses his Brain Rewiring list, and the innovation that carried him and many others to great success – Contract Killer!
  • Andre has a vision for the future of Netrunner in South East Asia, which Wilfy and Jesse are excited by!  Will we see an Oceanic continental championship?  Let’s hope so!

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Episode 142 – Genesis w/Andre Nilsson

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