Episode 119 – Station One (Corp)

Episode 119 is now live, with a very special, very lycanthropic guest, the Big Bad Wolf himself!

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On our agenda:

  • The Big Bad Wolf joins us to discuss an exciting new project he has been working on, titled Depression and Dragons (https://twitter.com/DepAndDragons)
  • Station One, the second pack in the Red Sands Cycle, has hit our shelves.  The panel gives their thoughts on the corp side of the pack!
  • Will either of the new barriers make their way into our decks?
  • Does the panel foresee anyone engaging in some cheeky Replanting?
  • We discuss which card in the pack deserves the award for worst corp card of the past year (there are a few stellar choices), or possibly even worst corp card of all time!
  • Jesse goes deep on Sacrifice, and his recently discovered love for all things Jemison!

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Episode 119 – Station One (Corp)

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