Episode 121 – Station One (Runner)


On our agenda:

  • Jesse and his “trusty” sidekick, Wilfy, venture back to Mars as we resume our regular programming after last week’s MWL discussion.
  • En route to Mars, the panellists are waylaid by a discussion of SNAKEDRAFT, an exciting new format that Wilfy and Jesse have been immersing themselves in.
  • The panel gives you their thoughts on the runner cards in Station One, the second data pack in the Red Sands Cycle.
  • We give a couple of special shoutouts this week: 1) To our editor Ricky, who has kept us going for the past 20 weeks. We love you Ricky! 2) To the crew over at ANRNZ, who are running an awesome tournament for all of the Australian and New Zealand folk. Check it out! (http://www.anrnz.com/2017/04/australia-and-new-zealand-asynchronous.html)

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Episode 121 – Station One (Runner)

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