Episode 118 – Enhanced Boggs-in Protocol

Episode 118 is now live!

Download this episode (right click and save) (left click to stream)

Android: Netrunner lead designer and developer joins an extended panel including Dave Hoyland, Wilfy, Hollis and Jesse, to discuss:

  • Fan-run tournaments
  • The tournament metagame – what should it look like and how does it influence Michael’s design?
  • Engagement with the community – what will Michael’s approach be?
  • What does Michael think of Negative Player Experiences? How spicy is too spicy?
  • How will ICE design develop in the age of Sifr? What will Michael do to revive ICE as a card type.
  • Will we see another Plugged in Tour or Chronos Protocol Tour?
  • Can we have fan votes for future alt art promos?
  • The future of big boxes (we actually talk about it this time!), and is Terminal Directive rotating? Will older big box IDs get some more love in terms of new support cards?
  • What are Michael’s criteria for choosing beanies? Does the beanie power him?

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Episode 118 – Enhanced Boggs-in Protocol

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