Episode 117 – The Whole Boggs and Dice*

*No dice discussion included

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Lead Designer and Developer Michael Boggs joins the panel to discuss exciting topics such as:

– Michael’s design philosophy, from faction-specific abilities to generic game abilities to resource accumulation.

– Silver bullets vs more flexible answers – we get Michael’s thoughts

– Weyland! What is the future of Weyland’s colour pie in ANR?

– Will we see a banned or restricted list in ANR?

– Rotation: How will the Jackson-shaped hole in the game be filled?

– 3/2 agendas! What gives? Will we see more? Will they be more like Merger or AstroScript?

– The future of big box releases.  Will we see campaign driven expansions, faction boxes, something else or none of the above!?

– Managing the metagame: what does a healthy metagame look like, and how is that managed from a card design and MWL perspective?

– The MWL! What does Michael think of it, and what will it look like in the future?

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Episode 117 – The Whole Boggs and Dice*

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