Episode 83

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On our agenda:

Card Highlight: Salsette Island

– Join the panel as they discuss the cards from the latest Data Pack, interspersed with those trade mark TWA non-stop gags! Look out for the special attention paid to Salsette Slums, Jeeves Model Bioroids and the Faust-Fueling Sports Hopper. With Regionals having already begun to prop up, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Tune in next week for Episode 84, when we are joined once again by the incomparable Damon Stone to discuss the upcoming Flashpoint Cycle!

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Episode 83

One thought on “Episode 83

  1. Here’s one whole thought. Executive Search Firm works on Jackson Howard. In-faction, that gives you the ability to slot that one Elizabeth MIlls as well as just reliably being able to grab a Jackson when you need one. Then, maybe you run a Shannon Claire and turn your Government Takeover deck into a 13 point deck…? Run a couple Global Foods and just wombo combo your way down to fighting over 11 points? And never dare use another Project Atlas token. Okay, I talked myself down from this idea.


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