Episode 84

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On our agenda:

Special Guest: Lead Developer and Designer of Netrunner, Damon Stone!

– The Panel is joined once again by Damon Stone, this time to discuss the upcoming Flashpoint Cycle, as well as the spoiled cards from 23 Seconds. Damon discusses the origin of each card, touching on both flavour and mechanical aspects, as well as his design philosophy for not just this cycle, but for Netrunner moving forward. He also presents a quest for those out there looking to find a spoiler hidden somewhere in depths of the internet!

Damon on the Most Wanted List: Damon spoke off-mic but on the record about changes to the MWL. The decision to not change the list post Store Championship season, was due to the cards that people felt strongly deserving of being on the MWL were very new at the time. Damon wanted to allow the community to adapt and respond to the cards.

If there is no movement, and the meta becomes an unhealthy place, the MWL will be updated sometime between Regional Season and Nationals. That is not to say that this is the only time in which the MWL can change in the future.

In general, Damon will not consider cards for the Most Wanted List until they have been released for at least six months.

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Episode 84

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