Episode 82

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On our agenda:

Debate: Would Sideboards be Good for the Game?

– This week the panel divides to discuss the idea of introducing sideboards to tournament Netrunner! Would the addition of a sideboarding rule ‘fix’ the problem with Silver Bullets and open up design space? Would sideboards stifle the deck building process and swing the balance of power too far in one direction? The panel is in a divide! Be sure to sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

If you have a good debate topic you’d like to hear us discuss, let us know!

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Episode 82

One thought on “Episode 82

  1. Putzlappen says:

    A sideboard would turn the tables 180 degree, in a bad way imho! As a PE player, how could i possibly win a game when my opponent put 2 feedback filters in his deck? How could i win as haarp kill or as finnish blue sun, if the runner can just put plascret and filmcritics in the Deck? THAT would be way more frustrating than playing against biolock or ci, and would shut off deckarchetypes that rely heavy on certain win conditions completly! It will limit the deckbuilding on the corp side far more, then it encourages it on the runner side imho.

    keep on running and thx 4 the nice podcasts!


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