Episode 149 – Kitara Cycle Review


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On our agenda:

  • Jesse and Wilfy sit down and pore over the Kitara Cycle to pick out some favourite cards and discuss the overall themes.
  • Each faction gets a close examination, and Jesse and Wilfy talk about which cards they are most excited about working with and including in their decks.
  • There’s plenty of power spread across the factions, and lots of little gems that have been largely overlooked.
  • Let us know what you think of our ratings, and whether we missed any of your favourite Kitara cards!
  • We’re only one episode away from our 150th, and we’ve had a few listeners contact us with favourite TWA moments and shoutouts for us to read out.  You’ve only got a short time left to get your submissions in for us to read out next episode!

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Episode 149 – Kitara Cycle Review

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