Episode 148 – Ch-ch-ch-ch-changeeeeees (Feat. Exclusive Screambear Interview)

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On our agenda:

  • We’ve spoken about lots of topics over the course of the past 148 episodes, including some controversial topics, or things that we would like to see changed in the game.
  • This week, we revisit some of our previous discussions to check in and see where they got us!
  • With the recent advent of sideboards in A Game of Thrones, another competitive FFG card game, we discuss whether it might be worth revisiting them in Android: Netrunner
  • We did a lot of advocacy for the Weyland Consortium back in 2015.  Where did that get us? Have things improved for our dark green friends?
  • Tournament structure, floor rules and judging are all things that FFG has made significant changes to over the years.  How are we looking these days?
  • We interview everyone’s favourite Netrunner antagonist, Screambear, for the first time in audio form.  Long-time listeners will recall our previous text-only interview with the loudest ursus of all (https://thewinningagenda.com/2015/02/28/an-interview-with-screambear/)

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Episode 148 – Ch-ch-ch-ch-changeeeeees (Feat. Exclusive Screambear Interview)

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