Episode 140 – Pre-Worlds Time Capsule: Predictions, Preparation and Pontification

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On our Agenda

  • Jesse sits down with the Dark Lord himself, Dave “Crab Hatamoto” Hoyland, and UK rising star Mark Mottram to discuss all things World Championships.
  • This episode was recorded in the week before Worlds to give you an insight into the testing and preparation process that we went through.  Jesse, Mark and Dave outline their expectations of the metagame, the results of their testing, and why they are leaning towards playing particular decks.
  • Dave and Mark discuss the feared Hydra and their reluctant shaper proclivities, while Jesse outlines the reasons why he is considering playing his Australian take on Potential Unleashed.
  • The panel gives their predictions on metagame breakdowns, including predicted faction percentages, top 4 decks and winning decks.
  • Watch out for Part 2 in the coming days, including post-tournament thoughts and insights from World Champion Wilfred E Horig and Top 6 competitor Alex Forndran!

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Episode 140 – Pre-Worlds Time Capsule: Predictions, Preparation and Pontification

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