Episode 139 – A Brave New World

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On our agenda:

  • Wilfy joins Jesse in meatspace for a special discussion about the post-rotation, post-banlist, pre-Worlds metagame!
  • The panel dives headfirst into the banned and restricted list, discussing what the effect of these changes will be on faction and side balance, and on the competitive metagame.
  • Each faction has strengths and weaknesses in this new format – which of the factions is likely to be the frontrunner, and how will the other factions be able to exploit this using their own tools?
  • Will any HB identities other than CI make the cut?  Has the Jinteki net damage threat ever been as important as it is right now?  Will NBN be able to cobble together a cohesive, consistent strategy in time for Worlds, or is Weyland finally the leading faction for Meat Damage?  Tune in and find out!

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Episode 139 – A Brave New World

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