Episode 128a – Earth’s Scion (Corp) feat AgInfusion

Episode 128 is now live!

Download this episode (right click and save)

On our agenda:

  • AgInfusion, the new, powerful Jinteki ID with a bonkers ability AND 17 influence?! Wowee! It’s already making a competitive splash, but how does the panel think that you might play with and against this novel threat?!
  • Jesse goes all gooey over Red Planet Couriers and Audacity, the latest instalments in the Jemison arsenal that he just really wants to make work.  What is his ultimate verdict on these latest additions, and will they catapult Jemison and Weyland control into tier 1?
  • A host of other powerful cards round out this pack review, with Ben Musashi, Bioroid Work Crew and Owl all presenting real food for thought in the current meta as well as the post-rotation world.
  • Look out for the other half of our special double release this week, Terminal Directive Weyland Part 2!

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Episode 128a – Earth’s Scion (Corp) feat AgInfusion

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