Episode 127 – Euros/Regionals Meta Discussion and Earth’s Scion Runner

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(The second part of TD Weyland is coming! Probably next week!)

On our Agenda:

  • Wilfy and Jesse dive into the Estelle Moon HB deck, and how it shaped the metagame at Euros and beyond.  The panel compares Moon decks to CtM, and considers the strengths and weaknesses of this powerful new strategy.
  • The panel takes a look through the runner cards in Earth’s Scion.
  • This is a very deep pack, and there’s lots to talk about with a swathe of powerful cards.
  • The panel discusses the powerful economy engine that Aeneas Informant could become, and the possibilities of Adjusted Matrix and Inversificator to revive Kit as a competitive ID.
  • Big thanks to Alexis Spicer, our new wonderful and glorious editor, who has come on board to help us out with the back end of TWA. Alexis also hosts her own brilliant podcast called Another Click, Another Credit, which you can find at: https://anotherclickanothercredit.podbean.com/  – Check it out!

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Episode 127 – Euros/Regionals Meta Discussion and Earth’s Scion Runner

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