Episode 124 – Rumbling with Rahim

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On our agenda:

  • Ayla “Bios” Rahim presents a powerful new option for Shaper players.  Wilfy and Jesse go deep on the comparison with Andromeda, analysing how Ayla is similar to and how she differs from the most consistent criminal ID of all time. Does Ayla’s ability synergise better with Shaper’s core strategy? Listen in and find out!
  • The double-up devil breakers – the cycle is now complete, but will they see any competitive play?
  • Will Deep Data Mining enable some satisfyingly subterranean R&D exploration, or is it too hard to consistently enable across the course of the game?
  • Mem chips and Daemons – how do the latest Shaper models stack up?
  • There are some weird old Neutral cards rolling around at the bottom of the runner side of this box – are any of them playable?

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Episode 124 – Rumbling with Rahim

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