Episode 104 – Escalation (Corp)

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On our Agenda:

Escalation Pack Review (Corp)

Jesse, Hollis and Wilfy sit down with the meanest, nastiest tools that the corps of New Angeles have come up with to date, considering whether they’re good enough to make it all the way back to the FFG Games Centre for Worlds this week!

Will the missiles be flying as runners go BOOM! before our very eyes, or will corps opt to take potshots as they Observe and Destroy? How fair will the Fairchildren be, and how many clicks will we need to get through them?

To answer all these questions and many many more, tune into Episode 104 of The Winning Agenda!

Special shout out to Ricardo, who has come on board as our editor extraordinaire! šŸ™‚

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Episode 104 – Escalation (Corp)

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