The Winning Agenda Episode 103

Episode 103 is now live!

Jesse, Hollis and Wilfy get drawn further into the 23 seconds saga, as corporations up the ante on hapless runners (RIP Whizz), and runners manage to get themselves out of all sorts of problems with a suite of new icebreakers.

In the runner half of the pack, there are plenty of powerful cards to shake up the meta, including a new, rather crotchety looking Anarch runner, Omar Keung. Will Omar make the cut, or will he be consigned to Ob(elu)solescence?

Just how good is Net Mercur at enabling stealth rigs, and which of the three new Decoders will find a home in competitive decks?

Tune in to TWA Episode 103 to find out!
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The Winning Agenda Episode 103

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