Episode 59

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On our agenda:

Special Guest Dan D’Argenio, Two-Time Worlds Champion!

– Dan D’Argenio joins us once again, hot off the heels of his recent victory at Worlds 2015! Dan takes us through his deck choices, his testing experiences leading up to the day and some insider info on why the decks he chose brought him home to defend his title of World Champion.

Join us next week for Episode 60, where our discussion with Dan continues!

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Episode 59

One thought on “Episode 59

  1. Rene says:

    Very good episode! Do you think WNP could be Netrunners first restricted card? Should the community petition for its restriction to save 12 months of DLR decks rampaging the tournament scene? Is this the ‘Skull clamp’ of Netrunner – card that got changed at the last minute and effectively slipped past the balance team?


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