Episode 58

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On our agenda:

Data and Destiny Deck-Stravaganza!

Brian Holland’s Spark Agency Aggro

– Remember how Brian has been losing his shit about Spark recently? (So much so that he even wrote some goddam fiction about it). Well, he’s now ready to unveil the deck he has been testing and loving! Spark opens up some fantastic avenues to unique strategy and deck-building, and we think we might be onto something!

Jesse Marshall’s Apex Midrange

– Of the three Runners introduced in D&D, Apex is easily the most diverse, and Panelist Jesse Marshall has been brewing a list over the past weeks. Exploiting the power of a strong event economy centered around PPVP, this list is sure to take Apex in a unique direction.

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Brian Holland’s Spark

Jesse Marshall’s Apex

Episode 58

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