Episode 43

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On our agenda:

Deck Tech: Armand ‘Geist’ Walker

– This week, Panelist Liam Prasad showcases his take on Geist. A list utilizing Geist’s unique but powerful ability to full effect, Shielsy goes deep on explaining the almost hidden click-efficency and why he beleives that Geist is here to knock the Dispossessed Aristocrat off her throne.

Deck Tech: Jinteki BioTech

– 2014 Australian National Champion Jesse Marshall guides us on a tour of the BioTech facility. This list takes advantage of the fearsome Batty (who has without a doubt broken the game and from which we’ll never recover), in combination with other powerful upgrades and niche ICE like Cortex Lock and the fan-favorite mind game Mushin No Shin. You’re in for a wild ride.

Join us next week for an interview with Hollis Eacho on his experience at GenCon!

Opening music provided by ‘Jellica’ from the album ‘Untitled Game Boy EP’ available now on BandCamp.com

Episode 43

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