Episode 42

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On our agenda:

Deck Tech: Oaktown Midrange [“Oaktown Funk You Up”]

– This week, Panelist Jesse Marshall continues his crusade to make his favourite strategy of a two-pronged corp game better and better. Going back to the Weyland Core Set ID, Jesse incorporates some of the newest and most exciting cards from the SanSan cycle to put together a list that we’re sure has earned him a promotion or at least a payrise in the Consortium.

Strategy: When to look at Archives

– Do you look at the face-down cards in your Archives? Panelist Liam ‘Shielsy’ Prasad thinks you shouldn’t! Presenting a philosophy pickled with the concepts of hidden information, double-blinds and The Monty Hall problem, Shielsy presents a compelling argument which may change the way you pilot your corp decks.

GenCon 2015: North American Nationals

– Panelist Hollis Eacho is off to GenCon this week, representing both The Winning Agenda and Good Looking People in the North American National Championship! Hollis shares the process he’s been through to select his decks, including a unique look at testing and brainstorming.

Episode 42

One thought on “Episode 42

  1. superslug says:

    I think you made monty hall as confusing as possible. You have a 1/3 chance of choosing the car. Given that monty will always reveal a goat the only condition where the remaining door is a goat is if you chose the car already i.e 1/3 of the time. I think this analogy falls down because the runner does not know you whether or not the corp is revealing a goat. The runner has already revealed that their deck will mill. This makes archives worth defending somehow meaning a defensive install could just mean that the corp feels good about the board state right now and so adds some extra defence to a know runner attack vector.


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