Episode 38

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On our agenda:

The Long Road Home: Canberra Regional

Panelist Wilfy Horig is back from his victory in our nations capital. We take a few moments to speak with him about the event, the decks he piloted, and the decks he faced leading right up to the final match.

Deck Tech: Stealth Kate Control

2014 National Champion Jesse Marshall takes us through the recent variation on Kate. Can a shaper list take the stealth rig to the same levels as the tier-one Andromeda builds? Jesse Marshall might have all the right answers.

The Competitive Scene: Worlds 2015

Panelist Hollis Eacho talks about the hype around this year’s worlds tournaments, debating the issues that have cropped up, and possible solutions for FFG to implement for the preservation of the competitive scene.

Episode 38

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