The Winning Agenda Now Partnered With GASmtg

We are proud to announce that we are now partnered with the Garbage Children over at GASmtg!

Also based in Melbourne, GASmtg is a series of articles and podcasts by cowards, for warriors. Focusing on Magic: The Gathering, GASmtg is penned by some of the best players in Australia, including: A Big Hairy Man Who Once Posed Naked With Brian Holland; The Saltiest Man In Existence; and A Rogue Bioroid!

While we are the first to admit that the union of our fair website and this proverbial online garbage dump is perhaps less than stellar, we hope that being closer together will give our listeners a chance to cross-contaminate themselves with other ‘quality’ content.

We are firm believers in community and fan-based content, which is why we’ve decided to put our name behind a brand once described to me by its owner as ‘a huge waste of time that I never want to put any work into.’

So if you’re into Magic: The Gathering, or just want to see what the fuss is about, head on over to!

The Winning Agenda and GASmtg: Proudly providing content to anyone who tolerates us!

The Winning Agenda Now Partnered With GASmtg

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