Episode 34

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On our agenda:

Special guest 2014 World Champion Dan D’Argenio!

The Decks To Pilot, The Decks To Beat

– Regional season is nearly over, so we take the time to analyse which decks have come out on top, where we think they will go, and which of them it will be most important to beat coming into National season.

Deck Tech: Replicating Perfection

– Dan presents an RP for the modern day. He discusses how his list has changed since Worlds 2014, why these changes were made, and how the meta has responded: Like ebbs and flows of the incoming tide.

Dan D’Argenio’s 2014 Invitational Card

– As the 2014 World Champion, Dan has been given the opportunity to design his own Netrunner card. Stay tuned, as Dan goes deep on the card’s design, what it does, the changes it’s gone through, and when you can expect it in a Data Pack near you. You won’t want to miss this!

Episode 34

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