Episode 19

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On Our Agenda:

Meta Focus: Order and Chaos Decks

– The Panellists discuss the impact that Order and Chaos has had in the local meta. They go on to discuss a number of decks they’re currently testing, focussing on the deck’s strengths, weaknesses, playability, and how they will help shape the meta.

  • Jesse Marshall takes us through the current build for his favourite corporation: Weyland: Building a Better World. Jesse explains why the release of this expansion is a great time to revisit the core set ID, and how he has been finding the new ice package.
  • Resident Anarch Liam Prasad gives us his take on Valencia Estevez Control. Shiesly discusses the many directions the deck could be taken in, from Proffessional Contacts, to Eater/Keyhole, to the Silverware suite.
  • Brian Holland is frothing at the maw with his current MaxX list, which is focusses on attacking centrals aggressively and efficiently. The Panel discuss the iterations MaxX has had already, and where the list may end up.

Eater/Keyhole: The New Aggressive Strategy?

– The Panel take an in-depth look at the Eater/Keyhole combo, highlighting the aspects of this strategy, and how it may help to shape the 2015 meta.



Jesse’s Weyland

Weyland: Building a Better World

Agenda Agenda (10)
Asset Asset (5)
3x Jackson Howard •••
2x Snare! ••••
Upgrade Upgrade (6)
Operation Operation (13)
Barrier Barrier (6)
Code Gate Code Gate (6)
Sentry Sentry (3)
Liam’s Silverware Control
Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe
Event Event (22)
3x Hostage ••••• •
Hardware Hardware (2)
Resource Resource (8)
Icebreaker Icebreaker (7)
Program Program (11)
3x Crescentus •••
Brian’s MaxX Reanimator Aggro
MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock
Event Event (16)
Hardware Hardware (6)
3x Clone Chip ••••• •
3x Desperado ••••• ••••
Resource Resource (6)
Icebreaker Icebreaker (8)
Program Program (9)
Episode 19

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