Episode 11

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On Our Agenda:

Guest Spot: Hollis Eacho

– World’s Competitor and Bad Publicity guest Hollis Eacho joins The Panel this week for an interview about his experience at World’s 2014.

Deck Tech: Replicating Perfection

– Special Guest Hollis Eacho gives us the inside tech on the Jinteki list he took to worlds, including how to pilot the deck, how to play against it, and the possible changes that can be made to suit your own playstyle.

Who’s the beatdown?: Identifying the Aggressor

– Identifying which player, or which side is the aggressor at any given point during a game of Netrunner is an important skill to have, and to exploit. The Panel give you their advice on this crucial aspect of the game.

Episode 11

2 thoughts on “Episode 11

  1. Zach C. says:

    Really enjoyed the cast. Insightful perspective into the execution of RP and what is important to identify from the opposing side. Great work!


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