About Us

Our Goal

We are a Melbourne-based group of Netrunner players who love the game, and are constantly working to hone our skills.

Netrunner is most fun when players are striving to build the best deck they can and play those decks as well as possible.

In ‘The Winning Agenda’, we’ll discuss basic and advanced Netrunner strategy, primers on how to play with and against the best decks in the meta, and share results of our own testing.

The Panel

Tomas Daniel is a local Judge, Tournament Organiser and contributer to the Australian Tabletop Gaming Network.

Liam Prasad was runner-up for both the 2014 Melbourne Regionals and the 2014 Australian Nationals.

Wilfy Horig was two-time Store Champion and two time Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour competitor.

Jesse Marshall is the 2014 Adelaide Regional Champion, 2014 Australian National Champion and 2014 World Championship Top 16 competitor.

Your host Brian Holland was a 2014 Australian Nationals Top 8 competitor.

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