Episode 146 – New MWL! Read All About It!

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On our agenda:

  • The Boggfather has spoken, and with his latest decree etched into the stone tablet that is the FFG website, Jesse and Wilfy discuss the new removed and restricted list!
  • Will Rumor Mill cause havoc for corps, will CI survive the loss of Violet Level Clearance, and will Hayley’s economy still function without Tapwrm?
  • Let us know what you think about the MWL and our predictions, and how your meta is shaking out with the new MWL!

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Episode 146 – New MWL! Read All About It!

One thought on “Episode 146 – New MWL! Read All About It!

  1. […] Ever since Worlds, I’ve been ranting at anyone who would listen that, in fact, Sacrificial Construct is the card that should have been restricted. I was very happy to see that a number of top tier players, far more knowledgeable at the game than me, have also suggested that it might be a good target for restriction. This includes world champion Wilfy Horig, who suggested it while chatting to Ben Ni, and then re-iterated it in a recent TWA episode. […]


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