Episode 137 – Core 2.0 Runner Changes Review!

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On our Agenda:

  • Jesse and his lovable bioroid sidekick Wilfy are joined by their old friend and long-time TWA panellist, Hollis Eacho!
  • The panel dives headfirst into Core 2.0 – what does it mean for the game?  Is it a good thing?  Is the sky falling?  Can you still score/steal agendas without your favourite card that is now no longer available for play *cue tears*?
  • Runner side changes – we run through all of the ins and outs for Anarchs, Criminals and Shapers.
  • Have Anarchs been unfairly targeted with the loss of so many key cards, or will they still rise out of the ashes to play a key role in the metagame going forward?
  • Look out for the second instalment of our Core 2.0 review in the coming weeks, highlighting all of the corp changes and what they mean for the metagame.

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Episode 137 – Core 2.0 Runner Changes Review!

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