Episode 106 – The Winning Click! Run Last Agenda!

On our agenda:

Welcome Team Run Last Click!

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Jesse, Hollis, Wilfy and Alexis sit down with the Run Last Clickers, Chris and Eady, to talk about so so many exciting things:

– Worlds! Decks, friends and frivolity. What did everyone play, what did we all enjoy most, and how good are the toilets at the FFG Games Centre?

– Scoops! We touch briefly on some of the new Weyland and Jinteki cards spoiled during the ‘gunslinging’ event at Worlds.

– Podcasting! How did we all get into podcasting or running groups within the Netrunner community, and why do we do it?

When there’s this much fun crammed into one episode, will it really end so soon? If you wish hard enough, will it just keep going? And going? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Episode 106 – The Winning Click! Run Last Agenda!

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