Episode 76

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On our agenda:

State of the Meta

– Now that we’re on the tail-end of the Store Champs season, and we’ve seen the first two packs of Mumbad, what is the meta looking like? Has there been a decline in Faust and a subsequent rise in Palana?

Deck Tech: Argus Agro

– Jesse Marshall shares his latest Argus list which recently won him a Store Championship. The previous build had done a lot of work for both he and Brian over the past year, so you won’t want to miss this updated deck!

The Melbourne Netrunner League and the SanSan Circuit

– We close off the show with a quick discussion of our most recent TWA League that was run here in Melbourne, as well as some information on the upcoming SanSan Circuit- The Australian division of the ANRPC.

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Jesse’s Argus List

Original Argus List (Brian’s Write-Up)

Episode 76

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