Episode 74

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On our agenda:

Business First Card Highlight: Corp

– The card highlight continues this week, with the Corp side (16 cards? How is that fair?). Panelist Hollis “Yalla Belly” Eacho pays special attention to Palana Foods (and the potential therein), while Panelist Jesse Marshall speculates as to the design intent of Mumbad Construction Co.

Join us next week for episode 75, in something marvelous will most likely happen!

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Episode 74

2 thoughts on “Episode 74

  1. You guys missed the point of PAD factory. The fact that you can advance any card is HUGE. You can play a horizontal deck (Gagarin perhaps), with no upgrades, and basically turn all of your assets into advanced traps in your obnoxious taxing ice remote. You can bluff GFI with ANY install-able card. I’m not saying this is good (it’s not…yet), but the card is not even close to as bad as you all said. It does something that no other card that we have does.


  2. Rene says:

    Sorry if I heard wrong, but doesn’t Smartfrabrics specifically protect agendas in hand? Reveal the agenda.. they cannot steal it. Protecting an agenda on the board would be a small addition benefit, but constantly protecting the Astro in your hand would seem to be.. VERY powerful? Cool show guys.


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