Episode 72

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On our agenda:

A Huge Announcement

– We have a very big announcement. And what’s more, it’s right at the start! Huzzah! You’d might as well listen to the rest, seeing as you’re here.

Umbrella Builds: Dealing with Anarchy

– A very deep discussion on the three tenants of deck builds; Control, Midrange, and Aggro, with a focus on the latter. The Panel picks apart the aspects of these umbrella archetypes to hone in on the current Faust-ridden meta, and how to battle it on the corp side.

Deck Tech: FoodCoats

– Segueing, we move on to a discussion on the only non-Aggro deck we feel can compete in the current Faust environment; FoodCoats. Jesse takes us through the current TWA-Approved build, highlighting the aspects of the original list that still shine through, and touching on what has to change to adapt to the current meta.

Check out the decklist here.

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Episode 72

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