Episode 64 – Exclusive Interview with Damon Stone on the Most Wanted List!

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On our agenda:

Special Guest Damon Stone, Lead Developer of Android: Netrunner!Linkimage64s
– With the recent announcement of the NAPD Most Wanted List, we got in contact with Damon Stone in order to pick his brain on each and every aspect of the list! Sourcing questions from listeners all over the world, Damon gives and open an honest interview regarding the decision behind the Most Wanted List.

– In our first segment, we ask Why is the MWL needed in the game? Why the MWL and not a restricted or banned list?
How often will cards be added or removed? Will a new Core Set with different cards be released? How does FFG monitor the metagame to make the decisions to add cards to the MWL?

– We then move into a card-by-card breakdown of the Most Wanted List. For your convenience, we have the times for each individual card listed below:

“Lady” 18:50

Clone Chip 22:11

Desperardo 26:37

Parasite 30:36

PrePaid VoicePad 33:56

Yog.0 36:54

Architect 42:19

AstroScript Pilot Program 46:03

Eli 1.0 52:43

NAPD Contract 55:32

SanSan City Grid 59:26

– We round off the interview with a few more general questions about the future of Android: Netrunner, including Why doesn’t Jackson Howard appear on the MWL? How do you go about design to fill spaces left by card rotation? Why was Wireless Net Pavilion changed? Is there any progress on the Netrunner Judge program? Is there concern about newer players being unaware of the MWL? Is there an Android RPG on the horizon?

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Episode 64 – Exclusive Interview with Damon Stone on the Most Wanted List!

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