Episode 62

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On our agenda:

Special Guest Abram Jopp, Stimhack League Six Champion!

– This week we are joined by Abram Jopp of the Twin Cities. Abram has a unique and insightful philosophy to Netrunner which is something we were first attracted to when reading his fantastic blog, Run The Net. Abram discuses with us his background in Netrunner, his philosophies on Playing to Learn Versus Playing to Win (including a fantastic perspective on the use of ‘Silver Bullets’), and touches on his blog and how it came to be.

You can check out Abram’s blog, “Run The Net”, right here!

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Join us next week as Special Guest Calvin Wong returns with a report on his recent Top Eight finish at Malaysian Nationals!

Episode 62

One thought on “Episode 62

  1. A great episode! Really, I think you guys have been on a hot streak since episode 50 and the interviews in the last several episodes. I’m always bummed when you call time after a quick half hour. I don’t imagine you’re cutting out any of the good stuff, but I’m sure it’d be okay if you let interviews run a little longer!


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