Episode 53

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On our agenda:

Deck Tech: Gagarin Midrange

– Panelist Jess Marshall is back from his recent seminar in Heinlein with a deck tech on Gagarin Midrange! This list exploits the power of Public Support to feed to Archer and Corporate town, without having to worry about the Bad Pub from Hostile Takeover. We’re excited for this one!

Deck Tech: NBN TeamTurtles

– Panelist Hollis Eacho can’t get enough of this new NEH Fast-Advance list! The inclusion of Global Food Initiative is exciting, and the exclusion of Hedge Fund has the other Panelists tapping their feet, narrowing their eyes, and asking ‘what is to be done with this Hollis Eacho?’ Decklists below!

Jesse’s Gagarin Midrange

Hollis’ NBN TeamTurtles

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center

Agenda (11)
3x AstroScript Pilot Program
3x Breaking News
1x Global Food Initiative •
1x NAPD Contract
3x Project Beale

Asset (13)
1x Blacklist
3x Jackson Howard
3x PAD Campaign
3x Team Sponsorship •••
3x Turtlebacks •••

Upgrade (5)
2x Cyberdex Virus Suite
3x SanSan City Grid

Operation (7)
1x Biotic Labor ••••
1x Fast Track
2x Shipment from SanSan
3x Sweeps Week

Barrier (4)
2x Wall of Static
2x Wraparound

Code Gate (4)
1x Enigma
1x Little Engine
2x Tollbooth

Sentry (3)
3x Architect ••••• •

Other (2)
2x Special Offer

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Episode 53

One thought on “Episode 53

  1. Hello and thanks for a great episode as always!

    I have run a deck similar to the previous iteration of TeamTurtles and got utterly stomped by my friend playing Wizzard with Faust. Is that a match up you have have played? Nothing besides Little Engine did any resistance at all and NEH should really have filed for bankruptcy… Would you still play the deck in a meta where Whizzard is popular and what changes would you make?


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