Episode 51+52

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On our agenda:

One-Year Super Exciting Anniversary Celebratory Special One-hour-Length Double Episode Feature!

It’s a TWA wrap-party! A big change of pace this week as the panelists take a moment to relax and reflect on the past year of Netrunner. A few tidbits:

– Look how long it is!
– The panelists recap their favourite decks from each faction this past year.
– A little TWA history lesson: We talk briefly on the inception of the podcast.
– Jesse leaves to answer the door at one point: What a Bagbiter!
Tom Daniel returns from the wastes of the Judge Floor, and can’t help but try and talk about his favourite game DOOMTOWN whenever he gets the chance.
– Wilfy hints at an incoming ROBOT REVOLUTION.
– The panelists draft their 3 favourite cards from the past year.
– Each panelists talks about their biggest blunder in Netrunner in the past year.
– We make some special announcements and get very teary-eyed while thinking of all you amazing listeners.
– It’s also a super long and special episode!

We knows the content is a little different this week, so put your feet up, grab yourself a drink and celebrate with us!

We’ll be back to your regular programming next Monday!

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Episode 51+52

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