Episode 49

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On our agenda:

Special Guest Ve Herrmann!

– We welcome Ve to the panel this week who takes the time to discuss with us how she got into Netrunner, and her recent achievements, including making the finals of the Florida Regional! Ve also takes us through the Sunny deck she is currently testing for ‘Data and Destiny’.

Diversity in Netrunner

– Ve shares her experiences in the Netrunner community as a member of the LGBTQ+. She highlights many of the positive things about the community, as well as a few of the things we as a whole could be better at, such as steps to take to avoid mis-pronouning people.

The Android: Netrunner Pro-Circuit!

– Lastly, Ve gives us a run-down her her recent experience in the ANRPC Qualifier event in Palm Bay, Florida, including the decks she took, and the overall feel of the ANRPC.

Episode 49

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