Episode 33

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On our agenda:

Special guest 2014 World Champion Dan D’Argenio!

The Competitive Scene: Community Tournaments

– Dan has a passion for community run events, so we chat to him about projects like the ANR ProCircuit and what they mean for the game and the competitive scene moving forward.

The Stimhack Store Championship Invitational

– The SSCI was a community driven event played over OCTGN, and was a huge success. Dan tells us the trials and tribulations of organising the event, and his plans for future invitational and qualifier tournaments.

Upgrading Your Tournament: The Stimhack Floor Rules Project

– Obviously sharing similar passions to that of the TWA crew, Dan and co. at Stimhack have recently decided to band together to create what will be The Stimhack Floor Rules: A document of solutions to problems that occur during tournaments, usable by TO’s.

Be sure to join us next week for Episode 34, where The Winning Agenda gets an exclusive spoiler of Dan’s World Championship Invitational Card!


Episode 33

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