Episode 27

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On Our Agenda:

The Winning Agenda Presents: Deck-Strava-Ganza 2015

Deck Tech: IT Department Control

– Panelist Wilfy Horig is back with his latest list; a glacial HB control list that leverages the power of IT Department. Horig takes us through the evolution of his list, and how it changed through testing, most notably finding the perfect ICE suite for this unique strategy.

Deck Tech: Stealth Andromeda Control

– Special Guest Hollis Eacho is reunited with us all the way from Alabama via the power of the internet, and brings with him a list for Stealth Andromeda. He explains the best pieces of the stealth archetype, and the support cards he believes are best utilised to the full effect of the strategy.

Deck Tech: Argus Security Aggro

– Panelist Jesse Marshall finally opens up about his Argus list. Designed in a similar style to that of Cambridge PE, this unique and extremely aggressive take on Argus might just be the direction corps need to go in the current meta.


Wilfy’s IT Department Control

Hollis’ Stealth Andromeda Control

Jesse’s Argus Security Aggro


Episode 27

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