Episode 23

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On Our Agenda:

Deck Tech: Noise Control
– 2014 Worlds Top 16 Competitor Jesse Marshall gives us his take on Noise Control, with a particular focus on exploiting Noise’s very powerful ability. This includes an interesting insight on the ‘virus suite’ and the economy of the deck.

Deck Tech: NEXT Design Aggro

– In a follow-up to his recent article, Panelist Liam Prasad discuses what may be the apex of aggressive corp strategies, including insights on how best to play with and against the deck, and a discussion on the identity’s very unique ability.

Episode 23

One thought on “Episode 23

  1. It would be great if you guys posted links to the decks you discuss in each episode. Even if they’re work in progress builds, you can caveat them as such.

    Love the show!


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