‘What Lies Ahead’ Data Pack Give-Away!

How would you like to get your hands on a copy of ‘What Lies Ahead’?

WLAThe rad scientists over at Games Laboratory in Melbourne have donated a copy of this much sought-after Data Pack, and The Winning Agenda is giving it away to one lucky listener!

To enter, send us an e-mail telling us what topic you’d like to hear us discuss, and why.

The winner will be announced in the coming weeks, and their suggested topic discussed exclusively during an upcoming episode of The Winning Agenda!

This competition is open to all of our listeners, but we’d really like to give the Data Pack away to someone who desperately needs it!

So, in the spirit of helping as many people play this game we all love, please let us know in your email if you already have a copy of the Data Pack and would like to donate it to the runner-up. Let’s show off just how fantastic the international Netrunner community really is!

Here’s to a prosperous Store Champs season!

– The Winning Agenda Crew


‘What Lies Ahead’ Data Pack Give-Away!

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