Episode 12

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On Our Agenda:

Guest Spot: Dave Hoyland

– UK National Champion and Worlds Top Eight competitor Dave Hoyland joins the panel this week for an interview on his experience at Worlds 2014.

Deck Tech: Haas-Bioroid Glacier

– Special Guest Dave Hoyland takes us through his pet HB Glacier deck; a unique take on the archetype; how the deck plays; and how to pilot it to victory.

Deckbuilding: Synergy versus Power

– With so many exciting options made available, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in what appear to be synergising strategies, and as a result, our decks can become sub-optimal. The Panel gives you their suggestions on how to recognising these trends and make the correct deckbuilding choices.


Dave’s HB ‘Blood Angel’

Haas-Bioroid: Engineering The Future

Barrier (7)
Code Gate (6)
3x Tollbooth ••••• •
Sentry (4)
Other (1)
Episode 12

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