Melbourne Netrunner League

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The Winning Agenda is proud to present the Melbourne Netrunner League!

During the league, participants will receiving two pairings per fortnight.

In that time, players will organise with their opponents when and where they would like to play, before reporting their results to the Melbourne Netrunner League facebook group.

The league will run for a number of Swiss rounds plus one, depending on the number of entrants we.

At the end of the league, we will cut to a top 8 double elimination, all held on the same day (location TBA).

Decklists will be required  for the event, and players are able to change their decklists each fortnight. This is a great way to get some testing in with fresh decks, and new ideas!
We have been working very hard on this behind-the-scenes and are confidant this league will be fun, competative and accessable for players of all levels. If you love playing Netrunner, and live in the Melbourne area, you should defiently join! If we get twenty players, more prizes will be added to the pool!

Join the Facebook group for details on how to enter!

Any questions or comments, please emails us at




Melbourne Netrunner League

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