Episode 5

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On Our Agenda:

‘All That Remains’ Card Highlight

– The Panel gives you their take on a few choice cards from the fifth Data Pack of the Lunar Cycle, including their opinions on where they will fit in top tier decks, and how their inclusion will affect the meta.

Tier-Two Runners: Chaos Theory and Ken ‘Express’ Tenma

– We take a closer look at a couple of tier-two decks; how they work; the strategies behind them; and what’s holding them back from the tier-one slot. We also highlight the advantages and disadvantages these decks have over the top contenders.

Mailbag: Your Questions Answered!

– The Panel answers questions submitted by the Netrunner community, leading into a discussion on what makes a card ‘good’, as well as how to avoid results-oriented thinking when it comes to building your decks.

Episode 5

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